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Our logo is based on a famous image of Kuroda Nagamasa, the first Kuroda lord of Fukuoka.

In mid-2002, a group of language professionals living in Japan began to discuss the need for a new kind of publisher—one that could serve readers in English and Japanese, with titles meant for both general and specialist markets. Reflecting the skills and interests of its founding directors, Kurodahan Press first offered books relating to Japan, but has since expanded the range of titles to include China, Korea, and beyond.

Our line-up includes new translations and reprints of classic texts, in affordable editions available to readers and scholars around the world. Our books are printed at sites in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan. Kurodahan Press uses a combination of print on demand (POD) and conventional printing technology, and markets titles through multiple sales channels, with worldwide distribution.

Kurodahan Press is active in both general and specialist publishing. Our books are of interest to scholars and students, and to readers in general. Our goal as a specialist publisher is to preserve and circulate contemporary and historical observations of Asia. Our goal as a general publisher is to produce informative and entertaining translations. In all our activities, we aim to encourage creative thinking about Asia—both in Asia and elsewhere in the world.

Reprint Series

We aim to provide affordable editions of out of print works that will enhance the understanding of the historical background of contemporary Asia—from the perspectives of both Western and Asian observers.

New Translations

There is an abundance of translated material in English about Asia—and in Asian languages, translated from English—but there are also significant absences and odd omissions, particularly in work meant for general readers in popular genres. We aim to close some of these gaps, and thus to open up new worlds of reading pleasure for people around the world.

Regional Focus

What do we mean by 'Asia'? For Kurodahan Press, it includes all of what Western writers used to call 'the Orient' in the broad sense of the term. For our first book lists, are focusing our efforts on the regions we know best: north-east Asia, including China, Korea, and Japan.

The Press was founded and operated for many years in Fukuoka, Japan, but relocated to Kumamoto, Japan in April 2017.

"Kurodahan Press" takes its name from the "Kuroda Han" --the feudal lords of Fukuoka. The key founding members are:

Edward Lipsett
American-born, Edward Lipsett has been a resident of Japan for more than twenty years. He runs Intercom, Ltd., a Fukuoka-based translation and design firm specializing in English, Japanese, Chinese (both), and Korean. He is hopelessly addicted to books of almost every description.
Chris Ryal
A freelance writer and editor based in Fukuoka, Chris Ryal has been involved in professional publication design and production since the late 1980s. He began his career in Canada, and relocated to Japan in 2000.
Stephen Carter
A native of the American Southwest and resident in Japan his entire adult life, Stephen Carter heads HTICN, Ltd., a company in Nagoya, Japan, that provides documentation services in Asian and European languages.

We are always looking for professional translators to work with us on titles in process and future prospects. We are involved in negotiations to produce English translations of a number of Japanese fictional works, and we will require a talented translation team to work with us soon. Several projects are underway already, including both Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese translation, while Chinese and Korean works are in the planning stages. Please contact us for information on how you can work with us.

We also welcome manuscript submissions of completed translations, or proposals for titles that may be of interest to Kurodahan Press. Please contact us for detailed submission guidelines before you send us a manuscript or proposal.


Kurodahan Press

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