JSF News & Views: The Nihon SF Taishō Awards


Report on the 29th (2008) Nihon SF Taishō Awards
by Ebihara Yutaka
© 2009 Ebihara Yutaka

The Nihon SF Taishō (日本SF大賞) is one of the four major Japanese SF annual awards, together with the Nihon SF Shinjinshō (日本SF新人賞) for new writers) and the Nihon SF Hyōronshō (日本SF評論賞) for critical works. These awards are sponsored by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of Japan (SFWJ), a professional society. The fourth major SF award is the Seiunshō, which SF fans vote on directly at the Nihon SF Taikai annual convention (日本SF大会).


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