Review of Kaiki Volume 3 in Wormwood


Kaiki: Uncanny Tales from Old Japan
Volume 3: Tales of the Metropolis

Selected and introduced by Higashi Masao

Tales of the Metropolis is the third and final volume in a series presenting a selection of Japanese supernatural fiction old and new, and follows on from Tales of Old Edo (stories set in the Tokyo region during the era of the Shogunate) and Country Delights (tales set in rural areas away from the great cities). This third volume returns to a specific urban locale, the Tokyo of the twentieth century, and contains eleven stories and one manga published between 1915 and 1996.


Kurodahan Press

Kurodahan Press
c/o Intercom, Ltd.
2305-9 Yunomae Machi
Kuma-gun, Kumamoto
868-0600 JAPAN

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