New Directions in Growth


Kurodahan Press currently exists as merely a division of Intercom, Ltd., and is growing slowly. It has considerable potential and a lot of very exciting things happening, but if more people were involved it could be so much better at achieving its mission of bringing East Asian literature to the English-speaking world.

English as a Common Tongue


The rainy season is here with a vengance... as I look out the window typing this, I can barely see the condos lurking out there, hidden behind sheets of rain. It's really time to take the dogs out for a walk, but in all that rain I don't think any of us would enjoy it very much. And while the dogs may be unhappy about missing their lunch walk, it does give me a chance to do my homework. It's a bit difficult to type with a cavalier spaniel on my lap (she's scared of thunder), though...

Yamao Yūko and Dark Plots


I just finished reading a fascinating short story by 山尾悠子 (Yamao Yūko), called 遠近法 ("Perspective").

Our new website, and the KHP Translation Prize


June is finally here, and with it came a whole slew of activity at KHP.

Like this blog, which I intend to issue regularly. And like the Kurodahan Press Translation Prize, which we have been planning for some time.


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