Tracking Yoshitoshi


Well, that's one more thing I can cross of my list of things that have to be done right now: the cover art for the kaiki anthology series is finally settled, and well on its way toward completion. It took quite a while to get here, and I thought you might find it interesting. Solving problems like this is always interesting, true, but usually far more enjoyable after solving them than while you're trying to figure out what to do next...

Credit Where It's Due


Does anyone really know or care what the original language of a work was? There are actually quite a number of works translated from other languages into English, and in many cases (especially in the US) it doesn't actually say anywhere whether it was translated or not. The translator's name may be listed once inside, in small print, or not at all.
As someone who has made a living out of translation for over 25 years, this is rather distressing, to say the least...

Hearts and Hearths


Saturday I met with Tatsumi Takayuki, an old friend from Honyaku Benkyokai days in Tokyo and author of Full Metal Apache. We actually met to talk about the articles being written for the upcoming Rampo Reader, but talked about quite a number of things on the way: the possible content of Speculative Japan volume 2, a number of novels that should be considered for publication in the future, upcoming Poe Conferences in Japan and the US, important new books in the field by Sari Kawana and Mark Silver, and more. And then we touched on the deliberate mangling of Japanese works by translators.

Language Learning for Translators


When I was quite a bit younger, I didn't speak much of anything... I concentrated on the really important things in life like milk and diapers and chewing on my toes. But it didn't take me long to figure out that various noises could be really important, like warning me I was about to be picked up and have a bottle stuffed in my mouth.
Eventually I figured out that I could make similar noises, and it's been pretty busy since.


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