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More snow, but at least this time there's enough of it to make the trees and well-insulated roofs white. The dogs were happy to see it wasn't raining when they went for a walk, but seem a bit confused as to why all this wet stuff keeps dripping into their eyes. Cold feet, too!

It is dropping to freezing during the day, which means it might be ice burn tomorrow... that's OK, because I take the subway, but I hope it clears up by Thursday, when I'm off to the New Year's party (新年会) for the Mystery Writers of Japan, Inc (日本推理作家協会). They meet regularly, but they're in Tokyo and I'm down here, and so I generally get to about one meeting a year...

Counting and Flutes

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Winter has finally come to Fukuoka... I was just thinking to myself that New Year's was pretty nice, cold but nice. The dogs didn't complain about going out for walks, and I didn't mind it except when the wind came sweeping in from the lake. All of a sudden, though, the temperature has plunged to a bit over freezing, and tiny scatters of white stuff are falling.
They aren't sticking, of course, but it's plenty cold. And the darn wind off the lake is still freezing.

Watchdogs and Shrooms


In spite of the prolonged New Year's holidays in Japan, which basically lasted from December 27 to January 4, a lot of people have already noticed a few major developments here... Both The Red Star of Cadiz and The Edogawa Rampo Reader are out, and are listed on Amazon.us now. It will take a little more time for the information to propagate throughout various catalogs, but they are in print and available.

Also, the winner of the 2008 Kurodahan Press Translation Prize has been decided: Nancy H. Ross, a resident of Hiroshima prefecture.


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