Chocolate and Whales


St. Valentine's Day in Japan is as commercialized as it is in the United States, but (as always) just a tad different... In Japan, the custom is for girls to give to the guys!
And just so the girls don't feel left out, the Japanese have instituted something called White Day on March 14, exactly one month later (a cooling-off period, perhaps?), when the guys give to the girls. It all seems to work out, but the immediate impression of Valentine's Day to a Japanese is probably different than what someone raised in the US would have.

Mystery Party, Mystery Anthology


Well, back from Tokyo safe and sound. The New Year's party of the Mystery Writers of Japan, Inc (日本推理作家協会) was held on January 29, and naturally I had to be there. It was a lot of fun meeting authors and other people, and I even managed to get something useful accomplished (besides standing in front of the sushi and scarfing up all the good ones, that is...).


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