The World of Zoran Zivkovic, Part 2: The Library


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For readers of Zoran Živković's generation, and also mine, libraries evoke not electronic media, but books, and though each of the stories in The Library is related in some way to books, The Library is not—or not entirely—an exercise in nostalgia for the days when print and pulp reigned supreme; the electronic present—our present—intrudes as early as "Virtual Library," the first story in the collection.

The World of Zoran Zivkovic, Part 1


We are delighted to feature this guest blog by David Cozy

Fantasy fiction can be loosely divided into two categories: that which can successfully make the jump from page to screens big and small, and that which—until a genius filmmaker or two appear to prove me wrong—cannot. So popular are the Lord of the Rings movies and the Game of Thrones TV show that it's hardly necessary to note that they are examples of the first category. They are also examples—especially the latter—of the best of what might be called the "swords-and-lords" school of fantasy, a sub-genre that draws on history and mythology and tends to be besotted with all things more or less medieval. The pageantry and bizarre life forms—elves and ents, wights and white walkers—are lots of fun to look at, and that, certainly, is one reason these worlds translate so well to the screen.


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