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Zoran Zivkovic and Kurodahan Press: An Introduction

A Brief Introduction to the Author and his Works
by Adam Groves
© 2011 Adam Groves

Here's an odd pairing: Kurodahan Press, an independent publisher specializing in English translations of Japanese literature (including the essential LAIRS OF THE HIDDEN GODS and KAIKI horror anthologies) and the quintessentially European author Zoran Živković, arguably the most consistently brilliant purveyor of modern surreal fiction. But odd pairing or not, Kurodahan's Zoran Živković publications are nifty, being strikingly crafted and eye-pleasing, not to mention affordable and user friendly in design and layout.


Kurodahan Press

Kurodahan Press
c/o Intercom, Ltd.
2305-9 Yunomae Machi
Kuma-gun, Kumamoto
868-0600 JAPAN

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