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Interview article in the Japan Times


Today's issue of the Japan Times has a piece by Gianni Simone, a write-up of an interview with me talking about Kurodahan Press and JLIT in general. The whole article is available online here:


2011 Kurodahan Press Translation Prize


It's that time of year again, and we've just put up the information for the 2011 Kurodahan Press Translation Prize, awarded for excellence in translation of a selected Japanese short story into English.
The short story to be translated this year is 蝶の断片 by 加門七海, and is about 6,000 characters in length.

Submissions will be accepted through September 30, 2011, Japan time.

For more detailed information, check the Translation Prize page on our website.


Miyamoto Teru's Phantom Lights collection in print!


Our new collection of stories by Miyamoto Teru, Phantom Lights, is now available worldwide. While we have been specializing in F&SF of various types, translator Roger Thomas was kind enough to bring this superlative book to our attention, and once we'd read it, we just had to publish it.
It's that good.

A five-star author in Japan, Miyamoto has written numerous award-winning books, many of which have been made into movies and a few of which have been translated into English already.
We are honored and thrilled to be able to bring more of his work to the English language, and hope to follow this up with more of his books.

Click <here> for more information.


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