Zoran Zivkovic: Amarcord



Zoran Živković
translated by Alice Copple-Tošić

Ten linked stories with resonant titles explore almost every conceivable aspect of human memory: the positive and the negative, the precious and the profane, the heavenly and the unbearably hellish. Živković's deceptively simple tales anatomize the essence of what makes human beings tick, our passions, our vanities and yearnings; the very memories which make us who we are. 


...quite straightforward and unburdened with techno jargon or self-conscious prose. In true Živković fashion, the stories are all related in an unerringly crisp and straightforward manner, and with an impeccable eye for the bizarre.—Adam Groves, fright.com

"...concept-driven sf, written in the classic spare yet graceful Eastern European style, and structured as cycles of linked short stories that focus on a single theme. [...] The interconnections between these stories paint a satisfyingly rich picture of the undercurrents of power and desire in Živković's imagined world. [...] Intellectually subtle, beautifully written, thought-provoking science fiction. —Chris Moriarty, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Živković understands that language as unadorned as stripped down as possible provides a better backdrop for outrageous imaginings than would a more baroque style... Those who like their fantasy rigorous will relish the fiction of Zoran Živković.—David Cozy, Review of Contemporary Fiction, Vol. XXX, No. 3

"Though it is too soon to crown [Zoran Živković] the new Borges, [he is] a leading candidate."—The New York Times Book Review, USA

"Once again the author has shown his control and mastery over his spare prose, a style entirely appropriate to the quietude of his subject and themes, where silence is as much an element as melody."—Sfsite.com, USA

"Živković is, as ever, polished, and frighteningly intelligent; book-lovers will recognize intimately the frissons and frustrations he evokes."—Nicholas Gevers, Locus, USA

"Živković's unnerving gems cast the rest... into the shade."—Washington Post, USA


  • 110 pages
  • Trade paperback 5" x 8" (127mm x 203mm)
  • ISBN 978-4-902075-31-1
  • List Price: U$7.00

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About the author

Zoran Živković

was born in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia, in 1948. Currently a professor of creative writing at the University of Belgrade, he is the author of 18 books of fiction and five books of nonfiction. His writing belongs to the middle European fantastika tradition, exploring themes shared with such masters as Franz Kafka, Stanislaw Lem and Abe Kōbō. He has won the World Fantasy Award, Miloš Crnjanski Award, Isidora Sekulić Award and Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša Award for lifetime achievement in literature, as well as being a runner-up for honors including the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award (multiple times), the Shirley Jackson Award and the NIN Award.


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