Fundraiser to reprint Ivan Morris’ “The Nobility of Failure”


Kurodahan Press has translated and published a variety of Japanese fiction in various genres, introducing Japanese literature to the English-speaking world, but we also publish books which we believe help others understand Japan and things Japanese better.

One very important English-language book that does just that—illuminate the Japanese psyche and help others understand the Japanese a little better—is The Nobility of Failure by Ivan Morris. Originally published in 1975, it was a core text in countless Japanese history and JLIT courses for decades.
Unfortunately, it is now out of print.

We have obtained the rights to put this critical text back into print, and hope to publish it in both paper and electronic editions.

But we'll need a little help to get it done right, which is why we've launched this fundraiser.
As you'll see from the Indiegogo site, we're asking you to promise to pay us a certain amount, and if the total amount "pledged" reaches our goal, then, and only then, do you actually get charged. The company sends us the money after taking their cut, we make the book, and we send you the "perk" for the pledged amount—usually a copy of the book in electronic or printed form.

For more information on The Nobility of Failure and the fundraiser, please see the catalog page:

We hope you'll join us in making it possible.


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