KHP to Publish Rampo’s “Boy Detectives” Series


We have just received the go-ahead to translate Edogawa Rampo's famous "Boy Detectives Club" (少年探偵団) series of books into English for publication as a uniform series.

The Japanese text will be drawn from the original editions published (and still in print!) by Poplar Publishing (ポプラ社).

The first two titles will be two of Rampo's most famous works: "The Fiend with Twenty Faces" (怪人二十面相, cover left) and "The Boy Detectives Club" (少年探偵団), with more to follow. Rampo himself wrote the first two dozen or so books in the series (and Poplar was nice enough to put them in a single pretty box for me!), and had the remaining two dozen titles or so ghostwritten while retaining much control over the product. We plan to do all the titles written by Rampo himself, and think about the rest when we get a chance to catch our collective breaths.

The first volume should be out some time around the end of 2011, with the second volume about half a year behind that. We'll be releasing more information on this as it develops.
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