Lairs of the Hidden Gods Reviewed in Holland SF


The June 2008 issue of Holland SF, a Dutch science fiction magazine with articles, reviews and fiction, ran a special issue on the Cthulhu Mythos in Japan and Europe, and was kind enough to feature our Lairs of the Hidden Gods series, complete with full cover art (the whole wrap-around, not just the front cover!).
The author, Marcel Orie, outlined a number of the stories and ended his review with

"You don't need to be a Cthulhu afficionado or Japan fanatic to be able to value the stories in Hidden Gods. The variety and consistently high level of the stories makes Hidden Gods worthwhile for every right-minded fan of fantastic stories. You will find solid old-fashioned stories and splendid gems of originality sitting right next to each other. If you have doubts about purchasing four volumes, then volume two (Inverted Kingdom) offers the most traditional stories, while volume three (Straight to Darkness) contains the most experimental excesses. A wiser decision would be to purchase all four exquisite volumes."

Thanks, Marcel!

Also thanks to Loek van Kooten of Akebono Translation Service, who kindly translated the review for me, as my Dutch is a bit rusty.


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