Rampo’s The Black Lizard & Beast in the Shadows published in Spanish


Rampo in Spanish!

Kurodahan is delighted to announce that Ediciones Jaguar has published our first Edogawa Rampo book, The Black Lizard & Beast in the Shadows, in Spanish! After several months of discussions, the book has been translated by Beatriz Salán Salán and published as La Lagartija Negra y La bestia entre las sombras.

There is already a Spanish edition of Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination, first translated into English by Rampo and James Harris, but the language barrier made it difficult for anything else by Rampo to be published in Spanish because of difficulty in translating directly from the Japanese.

Our English version evaded that problem neatly, and the same firm is now reading an ARC (that's publishing lingo: Advance Review Copy) of The Rampo Reader with an eye toward a similar Spanish edition.

A publisher in Hungary is also considering translating The Black Lizard & Beast in the Shadows from our English, with discussions under way now through our rights agent, Evelyn Kagey Lee of Amer-Asia Books, Inc.


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