Works in progress seeking translators


We are always accepting trial translations from people interested in translating for Kurodahan Press. For more information, see

If we are looking for translators for a particular book, we will post a NEWS flash on website, and put a note here. If we had more money we'd publish more books, but at present we have to restrain ourselves... which is difficult, because we have quite a stack of anthologies and novels we really want to publish, but lack the capital to repay all the translators adequately for their time and effort.

Normally we require that a translator submit a translation trial before we enter into a contract for translation work, but of course we are willing to make exceptions when there is obviously no need.

If you are interested in translating a story, please contact us. Once a story is assigned we will mark it such, but if you are interested in that story please let us know anyway: there is always a chance that the person who has agreed to do it cannot finish the job as planned!

We prefer that a translator only translate one story in a particular anthology. For the same reason, we try to limit authors to one story per anthology.

Note that the translator's name will not be listed on the catalog page for a given book until the translation is completed, because there are times when the translator who begins a job is unable to complete it.

We are not currently looking for translators, but that may change at any time (and sooner, if the economy improves!).


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