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We have a number of works in various stages of planning and production, currently all for translation from Japanese into English. We are always interested in finding new and talented translators to work with us. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please contact us.

A few pertinent notes:
Before we begin translation on a job we receive full written authorization from the individual author (or rights holder), and normally we are authorized to make our own decisions on translations. Individual authors, of course, have their own special needs, but usually we are able to provide ample time and feedback, with minimal restrictions imposed by the author.

Individual translators will be named in the published works unless you request otherwise. You are welcome to use a pseudonym, or one of our house names. All stories will be edited and laid out professionally, and translations will be checked. We expect our translators to submit English prose suitable for commercial publication.

Please note that all translators will be required to translate at least one sample from our trial translation, which is available as a PDF download from: (1.8MB file)

Translation guidelines are also available as a PDF download from: (56k file)

Please pick at least one sample from the trial selection for your translation. Feel free to provide notes and comments, but please complete the translation assuming that it would appear in a publication without notes of any kind.

There is no particular deadline.

We should probably add that these texts are not part of any publication which we currently need to translate, but we will change the source texts every so often. Rest assured that we respect your professional integrity, and that we are publishers, not thieves.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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