Guidelines for artists


In general, we will be hiring artists for (1) cover illustrations for books, and (2) interior artwork for books. Covers will usually be in full color, and interiors in black-and-white. We will normally provide a copy of the manuscript for the artist to use in creating the artwork.

Our contract terms will require unrestricted use of the artwork on all current and future editions of the work, but this usage right is non-exclusive: the artist may use the artwork freely in any fashion, as long as it does not restrict our freedom of continued usage.

Artwork is paid for within 60 days of acceptance, irrespective of the publication date of the book for which it is intended.

Artists wishing to submit artwork for consideration in future projects should provide a reasonable selection of suitable artwork in low-resolution (72 to 150 dpi) bitmap image format, by direct upload in a compressed (ZIP or StuffIt preferred) form, or on CD-R/RW. Be sure to include a text file specifying your name and contact information! Note that if you submit a CD-R/RW, it will not be returned to you.

Please send us an e-mail message notifying us of your intention to submit artwork for our consideration. This message should include your name and address.

A sample contract is available, but of course would be altered for each specific book. This is a PDF file, and can be viewed onscreen or downloaded to your computer. You will require Acrobat Reader to open it.

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