Tales of Blood and Roses from Japan

Japan has always had its own vampire tradition, and has eagerly naturalized Western vampires and vampire literature to produce exotic new hybrids and species of horror, of terror, and of sensual, exquisite beauty. Here are a few of their masterpieces

The Japanese word for vampire is kyūketsuki, which translates literally to "blood-sucking monster," but the literary tradition is far, far more complex.
The practice of Buddhism permeates Japan, and burials are almost always by cremation... leaving the Count and his relatives with no coffins to sleep in! But there is more than one way to sip a little blood, as these authors explain. Thanks to Bram Stoker, Cristopher Lee, and countless others who have popularized the Western vampire, modern Japanese authors have an extensive range of traditions and tales to weave into their own creations.

The following stories have been accepted:

    朝松 健 「緋衣」
  • ASUKABE Katsunori
    飛鳥部 勝則 「王国」
  • FUKUZAWA Tetsuzō
    福澤 徹三 「ドラキュラの家」
  • HIKAGE Jōkichi
    日影 丈吉 「吸血鬼」
  • IINO Fumihiko
    飯野 文彦 「楽園回帰」
  • INOUE Masahiko
    井上 雅彦 「ブルー・レディ」
  • INOUE Masahiko
    井上 雅彦 「パラソル」
    This translation will be the winner of the 2018 Kurodahan Press Translation Prize.
  • KAJIO Shinji
    梶尾 真治 「干し若」
  • KAMON Nanami "A Piece of Butterfly's Wing"
    加門 七海 「蝶の断片」
    translated by Angus TURVILL
    This translation won the 2011 Kurodahan Press Translation Prize.
  • KIKUCHI Hideyuki
    菊地 秀行 「石の城」
  • KONAKA Chiaki
    小中 千昭 「吸血魔の生誕」
    三川 祐 「混血の夜の子供とその兄弟達」
  • OKAMOTO Kido
    岡本 綺堂 「一本足の女」
  • OKUDA Tetsuya
    奥田 哲也 「非業」
  • SUNAGA Asahiko
    須永 朝彦 「契」
  • Masaya SHIMOKUSU
    "A Cultural Dynasty of Beautiful Vampires: Japan’s Acceptance, Modifications, and Adaptations of Vampires"
    Reprinted from The Universal Vampire (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2013)
The majority of the stories in this book will be translated through a translation program hosted by the School of Modern Languages at Cardiff University, which will culminate in a translation workshop in April 2019. The program is designed to nurture the development of new translators by providing them with hands-on experience in the commercial literary translation process. Translators will be paired with mentors who are experienced in translating fiction for publication and who will assist them in refining their translations.

Additional <information on the translation workshop is available here> as a downloadable PDF. Please feel free to copy this URL, and the PDF itself throughout the community. Applications for both mentors and translators should be sent as shown on the PDF.
If this all works out, we plan to do more similar workshops in the future.

In addition to the enormous support of Cardiff University for this project, we would also like to thank the following groups for the financial assistance they have provided:

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